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The data driven systems are a fantastic piece of software for any professional gambler, as it does all of the hard work for us. The ZCode System is a betting community, which contains a betting suite providing lots of information on sports bets. In 2021, the Derby was back to its traditional spot as the first race in the Triple Crown, held on the first Saturday in May.

It also has applications to other sports, but in this article we will just look at football. By the time you’ve finished reading our guide, you’ll know how to generate your own probabilities and odds for events to identify value in the market and ensure sustained profit in the long term. Bet any horse that has previously won a race at a distance of at least 200 metres further than today’s contest provided it is priced at less than 10/1 in the pre-post betting market. If the horse has had three or more starts at the track and hasn’t won, move on to the next race.

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Let’s say you decide that your single betting unit will be $20, so the first round of the game you bet $20 and you win the round. The next wager will be 3 units so you increase your wager to $60, if you also win this round you wager $40 on your third bet. If you also win this round then you will bet $120 https://chefelliot.com/2021/04/15/nhl-book-of-ra-play-for-fun-free-moneyline-wagers/ for the fourth round. If you win the fourth round once this sequence is complete then you go back to the beginning of the betting sequence and bet your one unit of $20 again to start again. Yes, in fact, sportsbooks also release spreads for different points in the match like after the first quarter or first half, which is called live betting or in-game betting.

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Make sure that you write down every bet that you make, the type of bet and how much you wagered. Record all wins and loses and keep a ledger tally on how much you’ve lost or made. It’s about being smart in every aspect of the game—who you wager on, the types of bets you make and the way in which you oversee your cash. One of the major problems for any sports bettor and especially those wagering on live events, is bankroll management. Yet, this is the essence of being a successful sports bettor.

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The over/under betting odds, or the totals, work differently for each sport. If the number is 42 in a football game and you bet the over, you would need 43 points total between the two teams. In baseball betting, it is the number of runs scored that sets the total.


As you already know, this strategy requires consistent betting on a very large number of spins. Doing this manually is time consuming and requires both your physical presence at the roulette table as well as your constant concentration. This roulette strategy requires an incremental increase of individual betting amounts. Any deviation from the amount you must bet can lead to heavy losses. Roulette Number avoids this by fully automatically calculating the betting amount that is needed for every spin in order to maintain the system and prevent losses.

If you are interested in Systematic betting on horseracing and have not tried it previously, or were not sure where to start, have a go. Let me know your thoughts, and without giving the details out, tell me if they work or not. Quite often the most successful systems are the most simple. One or two variables and there are thousands of combinations to be thought up, work best and keep the interest. Getting the best betting odds is key of course, but there are other considerations to be made too.

It is this type of bet that is known as a “fixed odds” bet. We touched on Betfair trading, above, when commenting how Betfair trading can be incorporated with dutching, or vice-versa, if you like! Betfair trading provides a plethora of horse racing betting opportunities for the avid horse bettor. We looked for some of the more popular and successful systems out there and listed a short intro to a few of them below. Go through them and choose one which suits your style and personal preference for betting. We are sure that one of the systems and strategies below could be the best horse racing system for free for you.