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He’s up by at least five informative post points in states worth more than 270 electoral votes, the number needed to win. Beyond that, he’s got at least a nominal lead in states worth 350 electoral votes, and he’s just a 2012 polling error away from a sweeping landslide of more than 400 electoral votes. A politics bettor that thinks a candidate is going to do show well in any of these areas should place a bet before they happen.

“We are going to win Pennsylvania, but they are trying to cheat us out of it because they know it is their only path to victory,” Eric Trump, the younger son of the president, told reporters at a news conference in Philadelphia. The Trump campaign went ahead with lawsuits in Georgia, fusake.com Michigan and Pennsylvania and has demanded a recounting of votes in Wisconsin. Mainstream media has projected Biden as the winner in Michigan and Wisconsin. Indian American emergency room physician Dr Hiral Tipirneni has maintained a narrow lead over her Republican incumbent in an Arizona Congressional race, which as of Wednesday night was too close to call.

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All of which points to an ability by both parties to litigate election issues in as many places, for as long as is needed. The Democratic coalition has generally focused its proactive efforts on initiating litigation in states on issues expanding the franchise, and thus their electoral prospects, via efforts such as expanding access to absentee voting and drop boxes. In addition, they have sought to extend the time by which votes can be counted. The scale and scope of election litigation in 2020, like much else with this election, is unprecedented. In fact, the election of 1864 was the first to provide a widespread alternative to in-person voting, as President Abraham Lincoln sought to ensure that Union soldiers would be able to participate in the election.

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It’s not going to be as accurate as foreign bookmakers or betting exchanges like BetFair, a renowned brand, whose odds are set by the oddsmakers themselves. However, as far as political markets go, that may not be the case. As mentioned above, there is a lot of money being wagered on elections these days, butthe efficiency of political markets is still debatable. In the older days, political markets were small, and usually just consisted of odds on Republican and Democratic nominations and the Presidential election.

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Donald Trump has won Utah’s six electoral college votes, according to Fox News. The L.A. Times has projected that Joe Biden has won New Hampshire. It’s election day +6 minutes and there is still no clear winner in the race for President of the United States of America. Both incumbent Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden have avenues to victory but several states are saying all of their votes won’t be counted tonight. The election could drag on well into Wednesday – if not longer. Fox News and the Associated Press have both called Iowa for Donald Trump.

On UK-based Betfair Exchange, Biden’s odds improved to 60% after the debate, up from 56%, while Trump’s chances worsened to 40% from 43% pre-debate. Our team of experts will keep you up to date about the best Trump Odds updates. We have a great deal of experience tracking political campaigns.

While national polls suggest a victory for Biden, betting odds suggest it’s a slightly closer race. For the first time in U.S. history, it will be legal for a sportsbook to offer odds on the presidential election, as authorities in West Virginia have approved wagering on the contest. Bettors on British betting exchange Betfair were giving Trump a 75% chance of winning a second term in the White House at 2200 Eastern time , up from 39% when polls opened on Tuesday morning.

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Additionally, he’s the fourth-best bet in the overall presidential race. The race is still featured as a three-horse race between incumbent president Joe Biden, vice president Kamala Harris and former president Donald Trump Sr. However, DeSantis’ odds are on the move and strengthening with each passing month. That’s something to pay close attention to, even though we are still so far away from the start of electioneering. It’s possible to go more detailed when learninghow to read odds, but the basics are covered here. Then, each state’s electors meet in their respective capitals on 14 December to cast their ballots.