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The winnings from the first are rolled over to the second bet. Wall Street’s Hot New Bet Another odd type, something we see more in UK betting markets than anywhere else. Smaller odds (1.5 opposed to 7.0) represent the favorites.

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Off The Board-When a book takes a line and total down before the game starts. Most commonly occurs when the book is uncertain about a key players chances of participating in the game. Sports Betting terms may seem confusing at first, but the meaning of a term helps better paint the picture to your story.

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A sharp is somebody who knows all the angles, has a fair bit of disposable income, and can spot a good bet from a mile away. They are professional gamblers, who set their own odds, and try and find an edge over the bookie. Multiples is simply another word for when you bet on more than one outcome which is combined into a bigger bet. A longshot is somebody or something that nobody really believes will succeed, and usually has exceedingly large odds.

Vegas doesn’t have all those fancy casinos because there are locks in sports betting. When a basketball team misses a jumper at the end to cover, it’s probably not a bad beat. When you bet on a 4-point underdog in the Super Bowl, they lead 28-3 and don’t end up covering, that is a bad beat. When you spend 95 percent of a game assuming you have a winner and then are ripping up a ticket at the end, that qualifies. And like your fantasy team, nobody wants to hear about your bad beat story. Betting on football is one of the most exciting sports to place your wagers on.

Catering to all experience levels our aim is simply to empower bettors to become more knowledgeable. Bet on whether the total of any given variable will be under the mark set by the bookmaker. A bet in which no money is lost nor won because there wasn’t a positive outcome for the purposes of the bet. A bet on the outcome of one of the three basic bet types. Decreasing a point spread advantage in exchange for increased odds.

On the flip side, however, your money is locked up for a long period of time. If you bet on a particular team to win the championship and one of their star players is injured, suddenly their prospects of winning do not look quite as good. Sometimes, the team may just hit a slump partway through the season and lose a lot of valuable momentum. Just like with all betting, it’s important to calculate the risks and possible rewards.

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Move the Line -When enough money is place one side of the bet, the point spread line will move to persude bettors to bet the other way. The sportsbooks want money on both side of every bet to avoid taking a huge loss. Consensus Pick-A team or total that a majority of bettors are placing their wagers on.

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There is no such thing as a lock… however, in the eyes of a bettor, a lock is a guaranteed win, something that just cannot lose. Not something you want to be betting on, unless of course you’re in on the fix!! Extremely rare these days but some sports are more, shall we say, dishonest than others.