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It doesn’t mean that the bet is definitely going to win, although it does suggest that if you bet on these selections, you stand more chance of making a long-term profit than by betting on other markets. There are different ways of working out a value bet and some punters place them based on their own detailed research. Accumulators don’t offer value – bets with multiple selections are a bit of a mug’s game.

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If you place a two-team parlay and one team wins and one ties, the wager becomes a straight bet. Convert stated odds to a decimal value of probability and a percentage value of winning and losing. This calculator will convert “odds for winning” an event or “odds against winning” an event into percentage chances of both winning and losing.

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Bringing all of our skill-sets together, we consistently aim to bring you the best and biggest resource for all sports bettors via . The idea is simple and comes from the mathematical concept of Expected Value. Every time we make a bet or make a deal we are always looking for value.

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The said calculators are available online and often can be used free of charge. The use of these calculators can be especially helpful to players, who are looking to incorporate a specific betting system into their roulette session in order to generate more substantial profits. The highly disparate results in RR vs OR are due to the definition of risk based on the negative events.

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Enter your stake, or the amount of money you wish to wager, here. The handicapping, sports odds information contained on this website is for entertainment purposes only. Please confirm the wagering regulations in your jurisdiction as they vary from state to state, province to province and country to country.

With correct score betting we are attempting to predict the final scoreline for a given match. We can predict either of the players to win and select the exact scoreline come completion of the match. Here we can see that Andy Murray is the clear favourite, with odds of just 1.22 for him to win the match without dropping a set, 3 sets to 0. The trick to beating the bookmakers long term is in making more accurate assessments of a given outcome’s probability than those that the bookmakers odds would suggest. If you can do this consistently, you will be a long term profitable tennis bettor.

The answer is that you will rarely know what your opponent is exactly holding, and so it is not really possible to work out your equity whilst at the table and use it to your advantage. However, the principle of equity and the equity you have in each pot at each stage in the hand explains why you should bet your hands when you think that you have the best of it. Pot equity (or just “Poker equity”) is a mathematical application to poker that helps to explain why you should bet or check in certain situations. Our hedge calculator allows you to find the exact amount you should stake on your hedge bet to ensure you return exactly the same amount regardless of the outcome! A loss is avoided if the hedge bet wins, however it will lead to a larger loss than the unbiased strategy if the hedge bet doesn’t win. A loss is avoided if the original bet wins, however it will lead to a larger loss than the unbiased strategy if the original bet doesn’t win.

If you assess the risks and bet according to the strategy, the bookmaker’s profit will fall. Always check the odds you are receiving at the point of confirming your bet. If you click on a link on this site which takes you to a bookmaker or casino and you subsequently open an account, OLBG may receive a commission.

You are then stuck in a situation where you have a large amount of money on a huge underdog. Stick to non-error arbitrage opportunties where there is generally a 1-5% guaranteed return. You can however place single bets on the sportsbook errors, because if they get cancelled, you get your money back.