What Is A Moneyline Bet?

So that’s what happens when you bet on favorites using American odds. American odds for betting on the favorite work by showing how much money you would have to bet in order to win $100. It’s to your advantage to understand how odds correlate to a point spread. We break this down for you in our point spreads to moneyline odds conversion table. If you had a winning moneyline ticket, the bookie would give you your $100 back plus $138 in profit for a total payout of $238. If you bet on Team A, they would need to win by more than 5.5 points for your bet to payout.

The Best Way To Follow Your Bets On The Go

To make a trade, you need to deposit what is called ‘margin’. This is effectively money to cover you in case you lose money on the trade. The margin you need on your account is a percentage of the notional value of the trade. Hopefully you will now have a better understanding of handicap betting on basketball and can utilise these insights to become a profitable player when pitted against the bookmakers. When a team has a spread line with a + sign, it indicates that the team should lose the match by fewer number of points that what is stipulated in the line or win the match outright.

Handicap Basketball Betting Explained

It is important for bettors to understand why lines change leading up to a game, as awareness of injuries and other on-court issues could decide the outcome of a bet. With this being said, there are many entering the sports betting industry and have no idea what they’re getting themselves into. They Connecticut playerunknown gambling Theoretically Allows Esports Gaming don’t know what a point spread is or how it’s made, they don’t know the different kinds of bets you can make before and during a game, and they have no idea how to manage their money. We will answer some basic questions and give you the “betting basics” for the NFL season. We will give you some basic terminology and give you some advice at the end, so you don’t lose all your money at once. By the end of this article, you will have a grasp on how the system works and can go about taking the next step in preparing yourself for winning money during the NFL season.

While many Canadians will see Vegas odds when looking at betting previews, Canadians should understand how do Vegas odds work and how to read Vegas odds. When this happens, it means one side is receiving the majority of the bets. Most sharp bettors recommend betting against the public and taking the underdog when this happens. As the default odds in Las Vegas, American odds are available on online sportsbooks. American odds are three-digit or longer with a plus or minus symbol in front of the number. While each type of odds appears differently, switching between the three options provides bettors with the same implied probably and potential winnings.

Before we get started, let’s take a look at what odds actually are. Odds are a set of numbers which indicate the likelihood of an event taking place. In gambling terms, the odds aren’t a true representation of probability, but show the ratio between the amount bet and the payout based on the probability calculated by the bookmakers. If one were to bet the Chief’s moneyline at odds of +300, a $100 bet would return a $300 profit.


Since it is a bet on the total points scored it is irrelevant how many each team scores. Over/Under bets are not just limited to total points scored as below are some of the most common you’ll see. If a matchup is between two competitive and even teams sometimes there won’t be a point spread which is referred to as a pick’em. In this scenario the point spread isn’t in play and a bettor would place a moneyline wager on the desired winning team. You can also bet the Asian handicap, a type of point spread that splits your wager on two different bets — like -1.5 and -2. You don’t have to be a Las Vegas sharp to make a smart game totals bet.

Totals Betting

Conversely, the further the price goes against you, the more you lose. The smaller the spread the cheaper it is for you to trade, this is the only cost of spread betting. The tighter the spread the greater the return on a successful trade.

With the odds of +200, if you bet $100 and win, you win $200 plus you get your initial bet returned. As “-” indicates the favorite, you will be harder to win the most amount of money. There are times when there is a point spread that doesn’t have the chance of being voided if there is a winner of the game. To win this bet, the Packers have to win by 8 or more points. The “-” in front of the “7” indicates the favorite in a match. There is a point spread and money spread when it comes to football.